Gold Membership: $150.00

Gold Membership Package provides cleaners a membership and benefits package that includes representation to IICRC and industry publications, access to the LMCCA Members Only Areas with in our website, use of the highly recognized LMCCA Water Drop Logo in advertising, one LMCCA logo truck decal, fellowship, assistance and guidance and business referrals between LMCCA Members. Listing on the website and enrollment into “Search for a Cleaner”

The LMCCA has also arranged discounts at some IICRC Approved school for LMCCA Members taking classes.


Industry Partner Membership: $500.00

Industry Partner Membership gives you opportunities for industry representation specifically designed for Low Moisture Chemical & Equipment Manufacturers and provides access to presenting products during any LMCCA hands on Break or Event. It also allows Carpet Mills, Distributors, Equipment and Chemical Manufactures an opportunity to serve on the LMCCA Board of Directors and on LMCCA committees to assist in the 360 degree vision of the LMCCA and its policies and projects.

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