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LMCCA Board of Directors and

Executive Committee (2013-2014)


Executive Committee:

President: Jim Pearson (jim@thecleanairexpert.com)

Vice President of Membership: Mark Whaley (markwhaley@smcarpetcare.com)

Vice President of Marketing: Richard Davies (rdavies@greenearthccc.com)

Treasurer: Bob Kline (robertk@legendbrands.net)

Secretary: Crystal Brewster (crystal@actiontimeusa.com



Eddie Flicker (eflicker@outlook.com)

John Steiner (john@heavensbest.com)

D. Ray Davis (drdavis@polymerconcepts.net)

J. Kirk Hendrix (kirkh@ictchemicals.com)

Mark Warner (mwarner138@gmail.com)

Fred Geyen (fred@geyengroup.com)

Agnes Zsednai (agnes@woolsafe.org)

Mark Cermak (ocibr@yahoo.com)


Founding Member: Lonnie McDonald (lmcdonald111@aol.com)

Founding Member: Rick Gelinas (rick@excellent-supply.com)

Founding Member: Mark Stanley (vlmcentral@yahoo.com)

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